1. O2O provides a delivery service to individuals and businesses primarily resident in Gibraltar [O2O member]
  2. In setting up an account and using the O2O service an account holder [O2O member] agrees to be bound by these terms.
  3. You must be 18 years or over to become an O2O member and use the O2O service
  4. O2O receives O2O member packages from third parties into a UK forwarding facility, and arranges transportation to our Gibraltar handling centre, from where account holders may collect their items or chose to have them delivered to their account address (for an additional charge).
  5. O2O member is responsible for the costs of delivery from third party retailers to the O2O UK forwarding facility
  6. O2O member is responsible for any charges for receiving packages, any taxes, import duty or custom fees and any other related charges.
  7. O2O member authorizes O2O to charge his/her credit/debit card for the above mentioned taxes, shipping charges or fees.
  8. Shipping charges are based on weight and volume of the package and will be calculated on arrival in Gibraltar where the packaged items will be individually weighed and invoiced to the O2O member accordingly. For component orders where items arrive in separate packages or consignments O2O will apply a handling charge and additional shipping charges to reflect the component items weight.
  9. O2O stores members' mail and packages for 7 days for free. Extended periods of storage are charged at £2 per week. O2O cannot store your mail or packages more than 30 days. A storage notice will be sent for the packages exceeds 30 days.
  10. Cargo rate calculation is primarily based on the pure weight of the packages. Volumetric weight may be taken into account for larger boxes. Details of current shipping costs are on the O2O website.
  11. O2O member, agrees to receive marketing campaign bulletins and all kind of information and communication about the service by e-mail and SMS. If the user desires, after logging in to his/her O2O account, he/she can change his/her preferences by removing the tick in the boxes of Communication Preferences on "My Account" page or he/she can contact O2O by email or phone.

About Refunds, returns, claims;

Lost or Damaged International Shipments

Duty and Taxes

Making Claims

Product Returns or Exchanges

Inspection of Packages

Our Receiving Procedure

Loss or Damage of Products in Transit to our export facility

Purchasing Clause

All purchases made must be invoiced and addressed to Parcel Butler Limited, with the delivery address being located at your O2O Depot Address. The individual making these purchases are acting as authorised officers of the Company. A self-billing arrangement will be utilized for crediting the individual and reimbursement will be made through by way of purchase of goods from o2o Logistics Limited in Gibraltar. By making a qualifying purchase, the individual making these purchases accepts responsibility for any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, costs, expenses, and liabilities arising from or related to the purchase and use of goods and services obtained and agrees to indemnify and hold Parcel Butler Limited harmless from any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, costs, expenses, and liabilities arising from or related to the purchase and use of goods and services obtained through the service.

Terms & conditions last updated: 01/01/2021

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