1. O2O provides a delivery service to individuals and businesses primarily resident in Gibraltar [O2O member]
  2. In setting up an account and using the O2O service an account holder [O2O member] agrees to be bound by these terms.
  3. You must be 18 years or over to become an O2O member and use the O2O service
  4. O2O receives O2O member packages from third parties into the O2O UK forwarding facility, arranges transportation to our Gibraltar handling centre, from where account holders may collect their items or chose to have them delivered to their account address (for an additional charge).
  5. O2O member is responsible for the costs of delivery from third party retailers to the O2O UK forwarding facility
  6. O2O member is responsible for any charges for receiving packages, any taxes or custom fees and any other related charges.
  7. O2O member authorizes O2O to charge his/her credit/debit card for the above mentioned taxes, shipping charges or fees.
  8. Shipping charges are based on weight and volume of the package and will be calculated before the O2O member confirms shipment by clicking the "Submit Order" button.
  9. O2O stores members' mail and packages for 7 days for free. Extended periods of storage are charged at £2 per week. O2O cannot store your mail or packages more than 30 days. A storage notice will be sent for the packages exceeds 30 days. After the 5 days storage notice sent, the packages that stored more than 30 days, will be returned to sender.
  10. Cargo rate calculation is primarily based on the pure weight of the packages. Volumetric weight may be taken into account for larger boxes. Details of current shipping costs are on the O2O website.
  11. O2O member, agrees to receive marketing campaign bulletins and all kind of information and communication about the service by e-mail and SMS. If the user desires, after logging in to his/her O2O account, he/she can change his/her preferences by removing the tick in the boxes of Communication Preferences on "My Account" page or he/she can contact O2O by email or phone.

About Refunds, returns, claims;

Lost or Damaged International Shipments

  • In the case of loss or damage to all or part of a shipment, O2O will refund the shipping charges for the affected package by the same method as you used in paying for our services where possible. Where this is not possible we will issue a credit to your account that will be applied to your next shipment.

Duty and Taxes

  • If by chance duty and taxes have not been submitted to the relevant authorities at the time of loss or damage, O2O will refund duty and taxes by the same method as you used in paying for our services where possible. Where this is not possible we would issue a credit to your account that will be applied to your next shipment. If duty and tax have been paid at the time of loss or damage, we will attempt to obtain a refund for you, although this is usually not possible.

Making Claims

  • Any claims for loss or damage must be made to O2O within 7 days from the date of delivery of the package to you, failing which we will have no liability whatsoever. Claims must be made in writing, accompanied by scanned or faxed copies of the consignment note/air waybill and all supporting documents, photographs of damaged items, and relevant invoices and/or receipts for that item. See our FAQ ‘How do I make a claim?’

Product Returns or Exchanges

  • If after delivery to you, you wish to return an item to the merchant from which you purchased it, you will need to make direct arrangements with the merchant as soon as possible for any return, refund, or exchange of items in accordance with the merchant's terms and policies. Many merchants require you to obtain advance authorization for product returns and may give you a return authorization number. We will, upon request, help to arrange return shipping to the merchant from your home country, at your cost. The original customs duty and tax cannot be recouped when returning an international shipment back to the merchant. O2O will not be held liable for any damaged or faulty goods.

Inspection of Packages

  • O2O opens, inspects and repacks all packages received for security purposes.
  • O2O has the right (upon receipt, during storage, or in preparing for export shipment) to open and inspect any package, or part thereof, for security purposes and to verify compliance with export and import laws and to confirm the product description and other information you supply, without prior notice and without liability to you. However we have no duty or responsibility to inspect packages for non-obvious damage or breakage, and we do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of product descriptions and other information provided by you.
  • If we discover that the description of the contents of the package or other information you supply is not accurate, then, depending on the specific situation, we may request you to provide additional documentation about the contents and/or their value, or we may refuse to ship it (you will be notified),or we may correct the information.
  • We may repack a product to reduce the bulk or the weight of the package, but we do not open any inner sealed, shrink-wrapped or ‘designer’ packaging.

Our Receiving Procedure

  • We will in good faith receive packages delivered to your O2O address. We will notify you when they are received, advise you of the actual cost of duties, taxes and international shipping/handling, and seek your instructions for shipping or storage of the packages. We will not accept parcels or packages delivered on a COD (Cash On Delivery) basis. You are the only person authorised to pay for and release the shipment, including releasing any packages addressed to your friends or family members. The delivery address must be in the same country as the country where you are located; you cannot ship packages to individuals in any other country. Also, the payment must be via a card or payment method issued in the same country where you are located.
  • The membership of O2O starts with the registration. The use of a Gibraltar mailing address provided by O2O member means that the member accepts the terms and conditions and authorizes O2O to charge the member's credit card for all the services and fees occurred on O2O.
  • O2O user, as becoming a member of O2O, agrees to receive marketing promotions, campaign bulletins and all kinds of information and communication about the service by electronic mail to the registered e-mail address, and SMS to the registered cell phone number. If the user wants, after logging in to his/her O2O account, he/she can change his/her preferences by removing the tick in the boxes of "Promotional mailing" and/or "SMS notification" on "My Account" page or he/she can contact O2O by email or phone.
  • O2O member agrees to obey all the laws and regulations of Gibraltar, England, Scotland & Wales. O2O member cannot and will not use this site for fraudulent transactions or shipments or for shipping illegal or controlled substances. O2O member will be responsible for any charges or fees resulting from a violation of this condition.
  • O2O is not liable for not fulfilling any obligations towards members at all as a result of circumstances beyond our control such as (but not limited to); acts of god including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, flooding, fire, disease, fog, snow or frost; force majeure including (but not limited to) war, accidents, acts of public enemies, strikes, embargoes, perils of the air, local disputes or civil commotions; national or local disruptions in air or ground transportation networks and mechanical problems to modes of transport or machinery; latent defects or inherent vice in the contents of the shipment; criminal acts of third parties such as theft and arson; electricity blackouts, network or satellite connection breaks.

Loss or Damage of Products in Transit to our export facility

  • O2O will not be liable for products lost or damaged in transit from the UK third parties into O2O UK forwarding facility. We reserve the right to refuse delivery at the O2O UK forwarding facility if, upon inspection of the outside of the package, it is obvious that the product is damaged or incomplete. In such a cases, we will return the product to the sender and will notify you.
  • Prohibited items - As per the list provided on the O2O web site which reflects international aviation security regulations
  • O2O keeps the right to change, amend, cancel or make exceptions to the terms and conditions listed here. Please check this terms and conditions page time to time. As long as a user has a membership and/or he/she continues to use O2O services it means that the user accepts and is subject to these terms and conditions.
  • Both parties have the right to cancel this agreement via written notice (e-mail, fax message or mail)
  • O2O member accounts are not transferable
  • O2O are bound by the Data Protection laws of Gibraltar

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